HI, im trying to use eclipse in osx to compile my of projects but im having some problems with, the thing is that eclipse doesnt have a compiler for c++ by itself and installing all the mingw and all that stuff that we dont need using xcode, with eclipse is a litle confuse, i know that its easier using xcode but im gonna start to work with windows machines and i need to share the same compiler, for make it eaiser, if some one know exactly the process to run OF in eclipse ona mac, or may be and other solution not with xcode, it will be great!!! thanks for your time and chers…

you don’t need mingw in macosx, (in windows you’ll need it) just download the c++ developers version.

i did an oF eclipse workspace sometime ago:…

and a tutorial for windows but it’s for 001 so some things have changed for sure : )…-wrksp.html

also note that no matter if you’re using the same ide in windows and mac, the project files are not going to work from one to the other as oF uses different libraries in both platforms, so perhaps it’s easier to stick to the official ides

thanks man, im gonna try, im downloading your zip, thanks for all and we will be in contact!!!


Thanks arturo for that workspace template. works great.

one thing to add to make it work when running (on mac at least). you need to link the libfmodex.dylib properly -explained in this thread:

i created a post build shell script:

get eclipse to run it after build:
Project settings -> c/c++ Build -> Settings -> Builds steps -> Post build steps command: “…/script/”

my script looks like this:

cd ../Debug  
echo linking libfmodex.dylib  
cp -f ../../ofLibs/fmodex/lib/libfmodex.dylib  "libfmodex.dylib"  
install_name_tool -change ./libfmodex.dylib @executable_path/libfmodex.dylib "./openFrameworksApp"  

I downloaded the Eclipse workspace zip file but the apps folder seems to be missing in it. Is there a version around now with all the helpful examples both standard and of the addOn variety? Or is it added manually?