Using downloaded add-ons on Raspberry Pi

I downloaded an add-on for my Raspberry Pi to use and put it in my add-on folder; I am also doing #include “ofxGPIO.h” in my header file yet when I run the program it is not finding it. Where do I need to place this add-on file so that my program can find it?

Hey did you create or modify an addons.make file? Have a look at this page (at the bottom):

I’m using the Raspberry Pi, and as of right now I don’t know how to use the project generator.

Well, you don’t need the to use the Project Generator with any oF applications. And I don’t think I’ve used the Project Generator with the RPi either. When using addons and building with Make, create a file “addons.make” in the same folder as your config.make file. List each addon that you want to include with your project, 1 per line. There is a quick discussion of this at the very bottom of the link I included in the previous post. The other things that you’ve done, such as placing a copy of the addon in the oF addons folder, and #include the header files in ofApp.h (or other header files) is also necessary to use the addons. I think the addons.make file just tells Make which addons to make with the project when its compiled. Good luck!

Also crossposting from another post in case it’s useful for people looking for this:

We don’t have a project generator gui for armv6 but you can use the command line tool. Just go into scripts/linux and run ./ it’ll compile the command line PG and ask you if you want to install it. Once installed you can call:

projectGenerator pathToNewProject

from anywhere to create a new project

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Hey thanks for posting this @arturo! I’ve often wondered about how to use the PG on the Rpi, and have resorted to copy/paste of project folders and files to create a new project.