Using Canon EOS in OF for multiple hours

Hi guys , I want to use OF for an interactive installation. After reading several posts and getting some help from experienced OF members I came to the conclusion to use a Canon EOS for my video feed. I tested ofxEdsdk on a macbook pro and with a Canon EOS 700D and it worked. The problem now it is the camera salesman told me that if I use the camera for video for longer than 30 minutes, its board will fail and will destroy the camera.
I wanted to ask you guys if you have had any similar situations and if it is true that with these installations (which will get camera feed for longer than 5h ) the camera board will be destroyed
Thanks very much , I really appreciate your help on this one

I don’t have direct experience with your setup but it is true that if you record video in-camera then a lot of processing power is required which does heat up the camera. So, long term it MAY be an issue. BUT if you are just using Liveview and capturing the feed from the camera over the USB line, which I understand is how edsdk works, then I wouldn’t expect any problems. My experience is with a Canon 5D MkII.

I am a beginner as well and trying to get the ofxEdsdk operating. It is beyond me. I can do basic stuff in of but have not a clue about how to use a ‘wrapper’. Is there any chance you could share your code?