using artificial neural nets with openframeworks?

Hi list, i was wondering which is the best way of working with neural nets in openframeworks, i would like to train neural networks to recognize gestures that im getting using a kinect. Do anybody have tried something like this before?



that’s a big broad question, machine learning goes real deep

ofxOpenNI has gesture stuff in it, I don’t know if it uses ANN’s.

If you want to learn about Neural Networks I suggest you take the CourseRA Machine Learning course.

I learned quite a bit and it enabled me to delve deep into other machine learning techniques that better suited creative purposes

In my opinion neural nets are best replaced with svm’s. There are a few things where they work well (like the endless character recognition examples), but they are non-deterministic (may or may not converge depending on the random initial thetas) and overall not as robust as svm in my experience.

Libsvm is c++ native and one of the most widely used libraries for SVM