Using Android Studio as IDE

has anyone tried using Android Studio as IDE for OF?
kinda looking forward to ditch Eclipse…


+1. Would love to see this in action.

this can help


sweet! thanks!

Android Developer portal warns that Eclipse ADT plugin is no more in active development.
Will we have to use Android Studio for OF-Android?

so have you tried it?
I’m new to open frameworks development in eclipse (I previously used qtcreator that I consider to be a very good c++ development tool). why are you trying to go away from eclipse?
is android studio better? I mean, also for OF c++?

Hi, has anyone had success with the OF for Android Studio mod at (as referenced by @samdraz)

I’m attempting to set it up, but I’ve not been successful following the instructions in the README. I haven’t been able to find any tutorials (I realize AS coming out of beta is a relatively recent development).

Any tutorials, tips, or personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated.

nneonneo’s branch has been merged recently into master and i believe that’s the most up to date now, there’s also documentation in the docs folder in the repo

Oh great!
Is OF compatible with both Eclipse ADT and Android Studio now? Or only Android Studio?

both by now, android studio doesn’t have support for c++ so we’ll still support eclipse for a while. ADT doesn’t exist any more only as a plugin to eclipse so we need to update the guide for that

Just wanted to bump this now that Android Studio 1.3 has NDK readily available.
Would love to see this going!

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Yes, the actually android studio version 2.2.2 is functional with OF.