Using and Installing ofxDelaunay and ofxOpenCV

I’ve been having some issues with the use of the ofxDelaunay addon, and I’m wondering if anyone could maybe help me out. I’m fairly new to openframeworks, but I’d like to start work on my final project, which, ideally, would use the triangulation addon in conjunction with ofxOpenCV. I’ve tried several different versions of ofxDelaunay, and have been moving files and folders around in an attempt to eradicate all the “No such file or directory” errors (I think I probably made things worse). Right now, I’m trying to get the opencv example running, but I’m stuck at an Apple Mach-O error now saying something regarding missing opencv .a files (see screenshot). I think I must have the files in the wrong folder structure, or something is wrong with the header search paths. However, I do have the simplepoints example (included in the github file for ofxDelaunay) working fine. I guess what I’m wondering is, where can I go to find some documentation on properly installing ofxDelaunay, openCV, or even addons in general? Is there anything I’m missing in the way I’ve set up the file structure in openframeworks? (I’ve included a couple of screenshots of my OF folder structure)

I’ve read that the project configuration won’t work unless the project is two levels below the apps directory, and I wasn’t sure if this is also true for examples included in addon files.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide, and apologies if I missed something in the documentation!



Hey there,

I’ve been doing this using ofxCv with FAST (a corner detector) or simply findGoodFeaturesToTrack.

You can see some example code here:

it uses this Delaunay fork: that has an example which should compile easily

If you’re running into issues, you should try the Project Generator to build the project. I explain how to do it near the end of this class lecture:
password: itp

Hope this helps!