Using addons in Visual Studio [howto]

It seems that there are a lot of people (including myself) who don’t know how to add addons in a blank Visual Studio project project.

Step1: create the same structure as the addon using filters then add existing files in the filter folders.

Step2: right click on the project to open the properties navigate to → configuration properties → c/c++ → general → additional include directories

Step3: edit additional include directories

Step4: add the folders from the addon. In this case src and libs.
You can find the paths in the install.xml file which is located in the addon folder.

Hope this helps

UPDATE: you need to set the include directories on every build configuration debug/release


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On Visual Studio 2015:

If you right click on the application name inside the solution explorer, there is a menu item called “openFrameworks addons” that opens a windows with all the addons. Just select the ones that you want to include.

Also if you added a new file to an already included addon, you need to unload and reload the addon from the same menu.

On Visual Studio 2015, I get “The path is not of a legal form” error when I try to use the openframeworks addons plugin. Any idea why?

EDIT: First, you should enter a valid path when you create a NEW project.
That was my mistake

Can you make this steps for a neebie?

I mean. Wich filters? in where?
Is there any tutorial?