Using a stream from ofxIpVideoGrabber with ofxCcv

Hi everybody!
I’m making a project using ip cameras (d-link 932-L).
I’m accessing a video with ofxIpVideoGrabber addon, and it displays fine.
I’m trying to feed the video to ofxCcv Face example but the code doesn’t work.
I get the “No matching function for call to ‘toCcv’” error at his line in ofxCcv.h:

ccv_dense_matrix_t image = toCcv(img);

I’ve tried passing both grabbers[0] and grabbers[0]->getFrame() as arguments to the ccv.cassifyFace() function.

and both times it looks like there is a conversion problem between the return of the IpVideoGrabber and expected input for Ccv.

I’m very new to open frameworks, and not sure how should I proceed to make the communication between those addons possible.

I’m working on mac os sierra, Xcode version 8.2.1 and open frameworks version 9.8

I will be very grateful for any advice.