Using a Kinect and Webcam at the same time

Hi Guys

Does anyone know how to use a kinect and a webcam at the same time. When I try, I just get the camera displaying black.


OF 0071 osx lion

good part first: you can use a camera + kinect at the same time normally (i.e. ofVideoGrabber + ofxKinect); I do it quite often, it’s stable, reliable etc.

now the tricky part: the kinect uses a lot of your usb bandwidth and does not leave a lot of room for other USB devices. If you’re on a Macbook Pro you have 2 different USB slots: from my understanding they are connected to different BUSes and can handle a different workload. I normally plug my kinect in the the slot which is nearest to my hands (more distant from the screen) and the webcam in the other one.


That worked plugging the kinect into the right usb and the camera in the left usb. Strange that it didn’t work the other way around

they are 2 different BUS: one have probably more bandwidth than the other, who knows :slight_smile: