Using a generic usb controller with OF? (mac)

I’m trying to use a cheap usb dmx controller I bought online with Openframeworks. It’s just a simple generic USB ftdi based devicce to control some lights.

I used the FtdiDriverControl app to disable the built-in ftdi drivers and now it works fine with 3rd party dmx control app like JV lightning studio.

But when I try to use the ofxGenericDMX addon it connects but I can’t get any response from the lights when I send values? I’ve tried both the DMX_DEVICE_RAW and DMX_DEVICE_ENTTECPRO device types but no response from either.

Any ideas?

Hi, welcome to the OF forum!

Maybe you should contact the creator of ofxGenericDMX and ask how to deal with that kind of device.

Have you found any code (made for OF or not) that works and allows you to send values to the ligths?