Using a dev c++ project in VS?

Are there any easy ways of using a dev c++ project in VS, or do I need to go over every single line of code and redo the project?

I’m rather new to the whole concept of openFrameworks, trying get a feel for it by toying around with projects posted on the net. However, trying this I get alot of errors, mostly identifiers that VS doesn’t recoqnize.

Any tips are welcome.

is it a dev-c++ project that someone made or an of thing?

the devcpp project file (.dev) and the vs project file (.vcproj) are both text files that you can read - they are xml, but they are still human readble. you can start just creating a very simple “hello world” project in both and take a look at those files to compare. for more complicate projects, you will look at a .dev or a .vcproj and be able to see all the code involved and all the linking info, include paths etc.

there might be a way of going back and forth, but I’m not sure. you would need to export to makefile in dev-cpp, if such an option existed, and try to import the makefile in VS. I’m not sure either of these things exists, but generally, it doesn’t work very well to move between compilers in that way. better to do it by hand, looking at the project’s setup, options etc.

the errors you are getting if you just plug someone elses code in are likely related to having the right libraries, either at the compile time, with includes or the link time. if you are missing libraries you will sometimes get thousands of errors, so it can be overwhelming, but will typically take you to some line of code which is google-able, etc. you can definitely feel free to post any errors here…

some library stuff is a bit tricky at first, and we are doing are best so that you don’t have to worry about most libraries (qt/opengl/etc) since they are in, but adding stuff takes a bit of getting used to. if you have requests for things you’d like to see, please post them.

take care