Use standard system fonts?

Hello. Is there a way to ask OF to render strings using fonts that are (probably) already installed on a users machine, rather than distributing font files with the application?

For instance, if the application is designed to be mac only and the text should be rendered in Arial. Is there a way to load and use this font from the users font library?

You could try loading the system fonts - generally these won’t change.
Loading with a leading / means the file has an absolute path.

eg you could try:


Ah that’s great thanks!

I hadn’t tried this already because the documentation for loadFont() suggests that it wouldn’t work. (emphasis mine)

Loads a fonts of a given filename in, and renders it to a texture at a given size (fontsize). It will look for the font file in the data/ folder. For example, to load the font arial at type size 32:…-t-loadFont