Use ofThread or ofxThreadedImageLoader loading 500+images

i have a project where I am loading 500+ (changeable) images into a vector of a custom class containing the images.
I was loading direct (and locking up the app) so I moved to using ofxThreadedImageLoader but I need to postprocess/resize each image when it is loaded. I need a callback when each images is loaded so I can post-process them - perhaps setting a custom event. However on reflection it may be better to put the loading and processing into it’s own complete thread using ofThread.
Any advice or reason to do one versus the other?

Any luck with this? having the same problem. Thanks for any hint!

yes I did - but I can’t remember what I ended up doing - I’ll dig out the code and see if I can find how I got around it - IIRK it was a little brute force…

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