use OF

I’m new to c++ and OF so forgive my noobness.

  1. If i click a vcxproj or sln in windows explorer then nothing opens, is that normal?
    I can open from visual studio -> file -> open -> project/solution.

  2. Also is it better to open the solution or the project?

  3. And if i want to create a new project, how do i do that?

  4. As last when i compile i get tons of errors, but the program works.
    I think all errors have to do with pdb files, does it matter? And is it worth fixing?

2>PocoFoundationmdd.lib(URIStreamOpener.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘pocofoundationmdd.pdb’ was not found with ‘PocoFoundationmdd.lib(URIStreamOpener.obj)’ or at ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Doeke\My Documents\of_v0071_vs2010_release\examples\graphics\blendingExample\bin\pocofoundationmdd.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info

hey Clankill3r,

moving over from Processing, eh ?

Can’t answer all of your questions, but i’ll stab at a few, since no one else has…

#1. No idea, sorry. I develop on OSX.

#2. I would guess the project … is the solution the .exe (ie. the compiled build in the /bin directory) ??

#3. Generally, you copy the emptyExample or one of the addonExamples, then work off of that version. This is because it is extremely tricky and laborious to get the path linking right otherwise. Just make sure your project folder is always exactly two directories down from your oF install…

#4. No idea once again…

Happy coding…

Hi and welcome to OF !

  1. Yes unless you have several versions of visual studio installed in which case it will prompt you. I personally recommend using codeblocks instead of vs to start out. It’s more lightweight and has things like adding folders recursively.
  1. I would say it’s better to open the solution file. A solution file contains links to one or more project files. So if one project has dependencies to other projects, that would be organized in a solution file. Also, Visual Studio will automatically prompt to create when if one doesn’t exist, when you try to save a project, even if there will only be one project in the solution file.

  2. Those are warnings, not errors, and are not critical. OF comes with some third-party libraries that are already compiled but without their .pdb files. This means you won’t be able to step into third-party calls when you do line-by-line debugging.