Use oF libraries with Code Blocks in windows - Walkthrough


I have downloaded oF for Visual Studio 2015 from the Url for windows

I have installed Code Blocks too (V 16.01)

I am new to oF and also to Code Blocks. Trying to find a walkthrough

  • that explains the installation of OF libraries with Code Blocks in Windows
  • compile a simple example.

This will get me start going with some experiments.

Please share any links that already provides a walkthrough with oF + Code Blocks + Windows


The support for MINGW + Code::Blocks was dropped some months ago when 0.9.0 was released in favor of MSYS2 + Qt Creator.
However, I think the MSYS2 version should work with some litlle tweaking in Code::Blocks.
Anyway, you can always use Code::Blocks as an editor and run Makefiles from the shell…

Thanks for the information. I will check out with Visual Studio Express or Qt Creator.