Use AV cable for external display

Hi everybody

I’m a little stuck in my app dev.

My project is to build an app, that display video (local files on ipod) remotly controlled by OSC over wifi network. Doing this allow you to control as many iPhone/iPod you want with your laptop, do do synchronizing play,…
All the ipod wired with its own video projector, hold by one member of our team, with battery in backpack (could run, pan tilt zoom the video, interact with others …)

Everything works perfectly, exept for that really matter, MPMoviePlayer only plays on the ipod screen and totaly forgets the external display. (aaahhh!)

If someone knows a trick to display video from an app to an external display, It will be crazy for me.
I heard about the web-browser display it on external but how to control it / include it in app ?

thank in advance
(sorry for weird english)


for whom who are interested, there’s a simple way (jailbrake), there’a a free app call screenSplitr on the Cydia app store.

more details here :

If someone kwon a regular way, don’t hesitate to share.

thanks, Pierre