Use an openF interactive app like Quartz composer+MadMapper?

Hello again!
I was reading up on this:
The idea being that an interactive application made using Quartz Composer could send video to modul8, to madmapper on the fly in order to be mapped.

And so… I made an aplication that reacts to sound and draws stuff on screen. I wanted to know if it is posible to take what I already have and render the image into some kind of GL buffer and then warp many copies onto a GLUT window? Does this have a name? Is there any special or other way of doing this?
I’m particularly interested in the concepts and tools needed in order to achieve this, since I just want to be able to project and map some simple stuff.
I’ve attached a picture to show what I have and what I would like to know how to do.

Thanks for the time and any info would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

I know there is a version of ofxSyphon in the works, try searching the forum for that. Syphon is the internal graphics pipeline that Quartz Composer, Modul8, and MadMapper all use to send frames to each other in realtime. If you could get ofxSyphon working in your openFrameworks project, you could send your output to MadMapper and use that to do the mapping.

MadMapper is pretty awesome btw, but you could certainly accomplish the same thing with openFrameworks entirely.

Whoa! Thanks for the answer. I will use this very much! :smiley:

Although, I still would like to know if I can proyect graphics into an openFrameworks windows like in the example. I tend to think that I could do a lot of these, by rendering stuff onto different buffers and putting them onto a scene and warping them. Is there a known method for this?

Thank you very much mst1228!

Does anybody know where I can find this ofxsyphon addon?. Seems every link I found was either dead or for quartz or for syphon server.

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thank you! :slight_smile:

Regarding the projection mapping, some useful terms will be “framebuffer object (FBO)”, which can serve as the buffer you mentioned, and “homography” which is the operation of distorting images perspectively.
don’t know about the current state of ofxsyphon, sorry. also be advised that this is a macos-only technology.

Thnanks bilderbuchi!
Just what I needed.

So that is why I only found mac stuff? I’ll try and find a mac here. :smiley:

if you stay in openframeworks, there’s no need for using syphon…

Yes, but I’m trying other stuff too. =)
I don’t know yet how to do what ofxsyphon code already does.

Here’s ofxSyphon.

It’s really easy to use. check the examples


[quote=“roymacdonald, post:9, topic:6750”]
Here’s ofxSyphon.[/quote]

Thank you very much!
I’ll download it :stuck_out_tongue: