usb3 camera on OSX with libdc1394

Did someone achieve to use a USB 3 camera, like a PointGrey Flea3, using ofxLibdc on osx ?

It should be supported according to this page


Hi Talaron,

Unfortunately we do not have ofxLibdc support under OS X, but have easy to integrate xiAPI for OS X which supports range of our USB3 cameras


OK sorry, actually it seems libdc1394 was integrated within ofxVideoGrabber for osx (by Pierre)
I’ve read some people successfully connecting USB 2 cam on OSX, but I didn’t read anything about USB 3

I’m also going to have a look on your range of ximea cameras

Hi talaron, any news about ximea camera USB3 compatibility with OF?

Hi LukeNeo,
Ximea cannot confirm compatibility with OF, because they didn’t test it.
Driver is 64bit only, and a 32bit version is not planned.
It may work with 64bit OF but I don’t have such a cam to test it.

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Thank you for your answer talaron!
Have a nice day