usb webcam bandwidth limits solvable with usb cards?

I’m trying to get five (or more) webcams going with oF. I only need one to be displaying on the screen at a time, but I want to be able to switch between them instantly.

At 320x240 resolution I can get five working. When I increase the res to 640x480 (my minimum need) one of the cameras stalls while the rest work. I’m guessing I’m running up against a bandwidth limitation.

I’ve ordered some PCI and PCIx USB cards to try and add more USB bandwidth, but was hoping to hear from others whether they’ve seen this work before?

running on XP 32-bit.

I’m happy to be this far. I tried everything to get this working on the mac but couldn’t. I’m also amazed at the webcam performance difference between oF and Processing. oF rocks, basically.

This thread maybe useful:


i’ve answered my question and the answer is yes. i bought two allegro sonnet USB cards (PCI express) and it solved all my bandwidth issues. I presume more cards would allow more cams. I’m running 7 web cameras right now. 3 of them are HD cams and running HD resolutions.

What model of cameras are you using?