USB vs Firewire Camera


Is there some reason to choose one of them to use with OpenFrameworks?

I have always used USB cameras but now I have to buy some more cams and was wondering if using firewire cams would improve the performance of OF…



generally speaking firewire cameras have a slight advantage over usb because they can write data directly to the memory. This can save you a few cpu cycles. Another advantage is the libdc1394 library which allows you to access all the camera-specific features in a non-proprietary way on osx and linux. In terms of camera specs the interface does not matter much. Many manufacturers have the same cam with both interfaces. Eg: ptgrey.

In some cases you might need more bandwidth that usb has. In such cases you will have to go with firewire 800 or Gigabit Ethernet. Latter is pretty sweet but I don’t know of any cams below $700.

My experience is that you get a lower delay when using fw cam (i use a ptgrey camera) compared to a usb webcam. So it seems more “live” when watching the image on the computer.