---urgent--- app turns black in fullscreen mode

Hello guys,

I have a urgent problem and have only 3 hours left to solve: When I toggle fullscreen, the image turns black. When toggling back to window mode, everything runs as normal.

I run the latest open frameworks version, on Windows 8, 64 bit mode, (video card: Geforce GTX 850M)


doesn’t sound familiar, can you post code? One note is that when you set the draw color to black, it “tints” everything you draw, so images become black. this can be really confusing because you don’t see images anymore. I usually try to remember to reset the draw color before I draw an image.

Just some wild guesses.

Is your app resolution greater than your display resolution?

Problem with graphic drivers -> reinstall

Hi Timoteus,

It is the exact same resolution. I now found a workaround.

thanks anyway!

The problem solved suddenly, but I don’t know exactly why. Thanks for your help!!