Upgrade problems and why code blocks tutorial removed?


I’ve been working with OF 0.8.4 in OSX with Xcode for a while using ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti and everything is awesome.

Trying to transpose one application to windows and I found huge problems!

installing 0.8.4 version on windows, the problems are:

  • Code blocks setup support for OF 0.8.4 was removed from open frameworks.cc and it is difficult to install without knowing the requirements (it is no longer supported for versions above 0.9, but what about the older versions?).
  • After installing code blocks mingw 13.12 with the supported open frameworks for mingw (I was luckily to find these files in a web site but do not know for what version) I can compile an empty example but when using any add-on I get compilation problems. Curiously I can compile add ons with 0.8.1 and code blocks mingw 13.12.
  • I do not have Visual Studio 2012, so I can’t try this version

installing 0.9.3 then multiple problems arise:

  • The new QTCreator does not work with Openframeworks
  • QTCreator 3.xx works but I receive a lot of errors in compilation due to msys2 (complex to install, time consuming and with errors)
  • Visual Studio 2015 works well

AlthoughI found a working way to compile OF 0.9.3 on Visual Studio 2015 I can’t use ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti any longer because the new version of OF includes a GLFWWindow. But this GLWindow is very different and I cannot find a way to manage dynamic window creation as I was doing before.

I’m aware of the advantages of upgrading OF 0.8.4 to 0.9.3. But for now, I just want to transpose my working application from OF 0.8.4 OSX to Windows and it seems that is quite impossible.

Why do we have always to upgrade??
To be honest, I’m quite afraid of upgrades. Every time I do a system upgrade I loose the support for device drivers, applications, add-ons or whatever.
When I was using iPhone 3G and upgrade to IOS 4.1 it was like killing the device. My iPad 1 is still with the original IOS 4 for that reason and it’s working well. I’ve never upgraded my Macbook retina and is working like a charm… although, many new versions are no longer supported for this OS.

Why should upgrade a working OF to a new version? If it was easy, I would do it instantly…


You can compile oF 0.8.4 on vs2012 if you don’t want to upgrade, even there is an of 0.8.4 64 bit version i don’t remember right now wich repo…

Here you can find the old 0.8.4 release (that’s probably where you got it?). http://openframeworks.cc/download/older/
For information how to set it up, have a look at install.md.

What kind of problems?

works for me.

The reasons for updating your OS might be very different from updating a program. Why you should update to newer program releases: bugs removed, new functionality, better performance. A very good reason for switching to OF 0.9 is the use of C++11 - especially all the move operations which avoid lots of unnecessary copying and make your programs run faster. Anyway, sooner or later you have to upgrade (someday you’ll have to get a new computer :wink: ), so better do it regularly. I think OF tries hard in regard to backwards compatibility (although OF 0.9 renamed a handful of functions), but for a graphics environment that’s a hard task because it relies a lot on other libs and changes in the OS (Apple!).

Thanks for the good advices.
Christof, I know that there was a guide to setup code blocks in the open frameworks site at this <address>, and now is not available.

I followed the instructions on the open frameworks to install msys2 and QTCreator. The last version of QTCreator gave me a strange compilation error (I do not remember), and after searching on the web someone report the same problem and the solution was installing the previous version, which also worked for me. Still I had many problems with msys2 and mingw, and after multiple compilation problems I gave up.
Installed Visual Studio 2005 and everything worked well. But then I tried to compile an empty project just with the add-ons that I was using in the mac app. It was crazy…ofxUI is now integrated as well ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti, and many other are returning errors in compilation.
The efforts to upgrade this project are huge…
that’s why I though… first port the project to windows in OF 0.8.4, and then… try to upgrade.

But…no luck with code blocks … does Visual Studio 2015 works with OF 0.8.4 ?