Upgrade ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti to OF 0.9.3 ofAppGLFWWindow

Hi all,

I’ve been using ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti (ofTheo) with OF 0.8.4 in OSX from quite some time with very good results.

I want to upgrade my applications to OF 0.9.3 but ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti is not supported any more because OF as a built in ofAppGLFWWindow (which is cool).

But unfortunately in my case the upgrade from ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti to ofAppGLFWWindow is not trivial. My application creates windows dynamically and manages them with WindowManager.cpp developed by Theodore Watson.

I just want to create windows dynamically in ofApp.cpp not in main.cpp and manage the operations. Similar to the example provided by Theodore Watson in https://github.com/ofTheo/ofxAppGLFWWindowMulti.

For instance, how to draw in distinct windows?

Appreciate any help on this subject.