Updating the build scripts in of Apothecary

I have just started tinkering with the Apothecary build scripts on Windows 8.1. I have Visual studio 2012 and 2013 installed and was hoping to update the rtAudio files to their newest verstion so that it would support WASAPI. I changed the scripts and things work up until the build I get an error. I am using GIT Bash to do the scripting.

Here are my changes to the script:

elif [ "$TYPE" == "vs" -o "$TYPE" == "win_cb" ] ; then
		local API="--with-wasapi --with-ds" # asio as well?
		./configure --with-wasapi --with-ds
		#echoWarning "TODO: build $TYPE"

did I miss a step somewhere?

seems i have to do some setup of the correct compiler which ffmpeg has some explanation on:

so it certainly seems possible to do it from within a bash script as far as I can tell

Is the all in one package for building apothecary (and other apps) on windows from the command line use using make. It doesn’t use msvc though.

Interesting I wonder if it can use the method mentioned by the ffmpeg link I posted to include mvsc

Probably somewhat tricky as the compiler arguments would probably be different than the gcc args.