Updating opencv module to custom build opencv version

I’m wondering if there is any instruction how to swap current opencv library with my own custom one. I need that so I can faster prototype some CV algorithms and test my custom opencv modules (based on opencv 4.5.0). I’m mostly interested for iOS (on macos I guess it should be easier though).

I already have my own custom opencv.framework build for iOS platform but not sure how to approach it. I noticed here on source code of module there is some static libraries (*.a) and /includes folder. Inside my .framework there are both /includes folder and ‘opencv2’ binary file (no file extension and just one big fat binary file). Some tips, links or guidance would be helpful. I’m iOS dev so don’t mind tinkering with some native code.


Just did that recently on linux/windows because i need to use opencv compiled with openvino support, all that was need is to set the include search path to my “custom opencv” and linking the libs. also as i was not using static libs need to put the place where the libs are on ld_library_path in linux or system enviroment path in windows.

On ios seems to be static libs included in the building phase in xcode??? sorry im not used to xcode