Update project with projectGenerator command line

Hello !

I am using oF0.9.2 on a headless x86 ubuntu device in console mode.

I built the project generator and i am trying to update the project with the projectGenerator command line but with no luck.

The project is already set with a bunch of addons, and i need to update it to remove the ofxOMXPlayer addon but each time i generate the project, ofxOMXPlayer is added to the addons.make

so basically i need to update ./apps/myApps/myProject for :

  • linux x64 platform
  • add ofxGui and ofxXmlSettings addons
  • remove ofxOMXPlayer addon

thanks a lot

I think you can do this one of two ways…Let’s say that your addons.make used to look like this:


You could either edit addons.make to look like this:


(i.e. add the addons you want, and remove the addons you don’t want) and then run this command (note that there is no -a flag for addons…the pg will look inside the addons.make file and include the listed addons when generating the project files)

projectGenerator -o"/path/to/OF" path/to/myProject

Alternatively, instead of editing addons.make, you can specify all the addons:

projectGenerator -o"/path/to/OF -a"ofxGui,ofxNetwork,ofxXmlSettings" path/to/myProject

I think those should both work, but hopefully at least one does :slightly_smiling:


thanks for the answer.
just removing the addon from addons.make finally did the trick. I already did it but didn’t solve it.

did a clean rebuild

thanks for your help