update a forked OF

I have forked OF

my fork

How can I update my fork with any changes/commits that have been made to the original repo? Can this be done on the Github website?

I am using Github for Mac as software.


not on github itself.
basically, you do, provided in your local repo, you have the remotes origin (your fork on github) and upstream (the oF repo), and your local and github repo are in sync:
git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master
git checkout develop
git merge upstream/develop
git push origin

that’s on the command line. idk how to do it on github for mac (no mac for me), but it must be a similar procedure.

There’s nothing to add to bilderbuchis good answer. Just wanted to point to another git gui software that I use in combination with github for mac. Because I think the github software has a lot of features missing but a very nice handling of the ones that are there.

Git-cola is particulary good for controlling which files you’re actually commiting and stuff like that…


ah, pick your poison:

personally, I prefer gitg (on Linux). it’s not the be-all-end-all, though, and I haven’t tried git-cola yet…

You got a point about poison. Personally I use them only for repeating tasks like commiting, pulling and pushing. Just because I think it’s more convenient to have an app open in the background where you just have click a button.

I did however not have any good experiences with more complicated tasks within a gui. Too much auto “pseudo smart” things happening in the background…

I also mostly do basic stuff. It’s nice for stuff like interactive mode (line-based staging), browsing commits, etc, where the CLI is… suboptimal. for complicated stuff I still use the CLI.

edit: phew, I just tried the latest release of git-cola. looks mighty, but I find the interface highly unintuitive. I’ll stay with gitg or giggle. :slight_smile: