Unread replies counter

Is it possible to show counter in “Unread replies” menu item at the top or at least indicator that there are unread replies? It is not really possible to see if anybody have posted any replies while you are browsing forum.

i don’t know if there’s an easy way to do that?

in general, if you have an idea for a feature like this that you think would be really useful, let us know how to do it with SMF or an SMF plugin and we’ll give it a shot. i don’t think any of us are really forum moderator experts, so if you have an idea you’ll have to tell us where we can find the solution first.

I don’t have access to any SMF installation to see if there is an option in SMF admin panel. I suspect that if there is a counter, it should be visible by default, or available as a template variable. But as I said - I don’t have access to SMF installation to explore template variables.

Maybe it will appear if you upgrade SMF to 2.x?