Universal apps (WP, android, ios)

with OF 0.9 coming, along with Visual Studio 2015, I would like to build a Universal Windows App to target Windows Phone 8+ and Windows desktop 8+
I can’t seem to find the right repo:

  • the master branch seems to be the right one but it seems it has no WP support
  • msopentech repo with version 0.8.4 makes it possible to build Universal apps but some recent addons wont build

And I have to build for mobile targetting android and ios…

Could someone point me to the right thing?
Any hints welcome
Thank you

Its very unlikely we will be able to get WP support in the 0.9.0 release but certainly open an issue on the github about it so the members of the windows dev team can put it on the to do list.

I thought for some reason Universal apps needed to use DirectX but maybe I’m thinking of a Windows Store requirement? If so, I think you’d have to use something like ANGLE that would allow you to target OpenGL ES 2 or 3. Rick Barraza posted instructions on how this could be done in Cinder - at the very least, it might have some suggestions and provide a better idea of what would need to be done in oF.

Hi Bruce,

do you have any update on this?
I tried the Openframeworks Microsoft version (https://msopentech.com/blog/tag/openframeworks/) but i have problems with the Automatic Certification App before upload the App to the Store.


Hi Pablo,
I switched to Android, dumped WP support for my app, sorry