Uninstalling all OF_10 dependencies

Hey all.

I’m running an installation that requires video playback. This is on the newest ubuntu running OFX9.8. I experimented with ofx10, but had to go back to 0.9.8. due to some addons. My video playback doesn’t work now however, which I guess is due to installing dependencies for of10.

Is there an easy way to uninstall all dependencies for 0.10 and then reinstalling using the install_dependencies script for 0.9.8? Thanks!

the dependencies for 0.10 are not different to 0.9.8. there might be a couple of minor additions but most of them are the same, mostly in what refers to video so that’s surely not the issue

Thanks for the swift reply @arturo, I’ll have to figure out what caused it. I’m porting from OSX to Ubuntu and my videoPlayer on Ubuntu shows video, but doesn’t play. I’m guess it could be an issue with several objects that each have their own videoPlayer.