unicode poco paths don't always work

I thought Poco compiled differently in Visual Studio than it does in CodeBlocks, and in visual studio it supported unicode,

but after some testing I realised that some unicode paths worked but other just appeared scrambled (probably utf16 encoded instead of utf8)

The unicode paths that appeared wrongly came from folders inside a 2003 windows server


I still think that we should compile PC apps in Codeblocks as Unicode Apps

I just don’t think there is any benefit in compiling without UTF8 Support (in the Code::blocks version of OF)

there is no need to write seperate code for VS in functions like in ofSystemTextBoxDialog()

both VS and CB should become unicode aware and to be more precise UTF8 aware. (no use of wstring would be needed int the upperlevel of OF) ascii people’s code should be 100% fine - utf8 handles ascii characters the same way.

what is the official OF strategy regarding unicode awareness in PC?


hm… I did some research and apparently poco supports utf8 by default even on CodeBlocks… (no need to compile it like I though)

so I wonder what is the reason that the unicode paths from a windows server 2003 are encoded wrongly but the unicode paths from… windows 8 or windows 7 machines are encoded correctly (utf8)