Unfindable files when building main.cpp

Hi everyone,

I’ve just downloaded openFrameworks on Visual Studio 2017. I may have been doing something wrong during the installation because when I try to build the program (even without adding any code) I get a list of over 2000 errors referring to unfindable files (stddef.h, stdlib.h, assert.h, ctype.h, etc.).

I didnt’t find any information about the location at which I had to save the file downloaded from openFrameworks.cc so I simply put it inside the Visual Studio 2017 file. Maybe this was wrong ?

Thanks and good morning/afternoon/evening :slight_smile:

I tried to build a given example and I now get a new error telling me that “FreeImage.dll” is missing on my computer. But I found it on the lib folder …

it does not matter where you put the openframeworks folder. but from the errors you mention it sounds like you might be missing the C++ components of visual studio. make sure you have those. which version of openFrameworks did you download?

I downloaded the very last version of openframeworks.
How am I supposed to get the C++ components of VS ? Maybe I selected the wrong application type in VS installer.

Did you generate the c++ project with the openframeworks-projectGenerator?

Yes I did.

I’m not sure but it sounds its something wrong with your project-setting or with the installation of your VS.
Try to google for the errors. I’ve found this:

Sorry that I can’t give you more tips…

Thanks, I guess I’ll just try to reinstall everything. I’ll tell you if I still have troubles.

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