Unexpected token '%' with all OF made examples in QT

After an array of troubleshooting ideas I still have the below issue that someone may have came across.

I get the following 3 errors for projects that have been made and ran and also for projectGenerator projects:

Unexpected token ‘%’
/home/source/bin/OF/apps/myapps/myReasonableSketch/myReasonableSketch.qbs myReasonableSketch.qbs 9

Unexpected token ‘%’
/home/source/bin/OF/apps/myapps/myReasonableSketch/myReasonableSketch.qbs myReasonableSketch.qbs 9

Expected token ‘}’
/home/source/bin/OF/apps/myapps/myReasonableSketch/myReasonableSketch.qbs myReasonableSketch.qbs 9

Here are my steps:

Downloaded of_v0.10.0_linux64gcc6_release and extracted into my newly created bin folder. I renamed

Ran sudo ./install_dependencies.sh from OF/scripts/linux/ubuntu/ (no errors)

Ran ./compileOF.sh -j3 from OF/scripts/linux (no errors)

Compiled the polygonExample from OF/examples/graphics/polygonExample using the ‘make’ and ‘make Run’ command

'make Run' command was not suffice with the error 'make: *** No rule to make target 'Run'. Stop. 
Used 'make RunRelease' and this worked!

Downloaded qt_creator-opensource-src-4.6.1.run from download.qt.io/official_releases/qtcreator/4.6/4.6.1/ and installed.

Ran sudo ./install_template.sh from Of/scripts/qtcreator (This doesn’t show any installing progress). Simply returns to the prompt!

If anyone has an idea I would be grateful.

This is a known issue with OF 0.10 in linux and the project generator. The easiest is to just use the qtcreator wizard or if you prefer to use the project generator then you can download the nigthly builds from the download page which have this problem already fixed

Thank you arturo. I will try these suggestions. Can I ask how I would use the qtcreator wizard?

It’s explained in the setup guide:


I will take a look, and thank you for your time.