Undefined Reference ofxfern Addon

Hi , there is this Addon ofxFern , I have added to a new project copied from the alladdonexamples template .

But when i compile it I got this message :

obj/x86_64Release/addons/ofxFern/src/ofxFern.o In function `ofxFern::draw_tracked_locations(_IplImage*, template_matching_based_tracker*)’:

and many other errors.I dont know how to solve this , and I would really appreciate your help.

I’ve attached and image .

Are you trying to compile those libraries into a 64 bit application? I don’t think that will work.

Really ?? … yes i’m trying to compile it in ubuntu 64 bits … so i can’t compile it ?

thanks for your your help

Finally I could compile it , the mistake is that i was trying it like an addon so i copied it in the addons folder and make a separate project and i call it . Instead of that i copied in the addonsExapple folder and it work with minor changes in code .

Thanks anyway .

I have the same issue with ofxfern but under osx.
I’m pretty new to openframeworks…
could you tell how you did to make fern addon work ? I only know the way ‘you copy the xxaddons into xcode folder…’
thx in advance-

Were you able to make it work in OS X ?