"Unable to start program..." & ofxOculusDK2

When trying to run the example from ofxOculusDK2, I get the following error:

Unable to start program 'C:\Users\marsman12019\Development\of_v0.8.4_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs\..\..\lib\vs\openframeworksLib_debug.lib'.

Examples work perfectly fine.

I’m completely brand new to development in VS, let alone on a PC, so I’m a little lost. I imagine that …\ in the filename is the issue? Where might I go to fix it?

Additionally, the OculusDK2 addon is a little weird compared to most of the addons I’ve used in the past. It has an entire ofxOculusDK2Lib folder that contains a .props. .sln, .vcxproj, and .vcxproj.filters file, in addition to the normal libs folder. On the Xcode side of things, it uses a custom Project.xcconfig file, and many of the Build Settings are different from what I’m used to seeing, plus it is still using testApp instead of ofApp, which I assume is left over from earlier versions of OF?

How difficult would it be to make ofxOculusDK2 modern? I’ve never made an addon before, and I certainly don’t want to remake the existing addon if all it needs is a little tweaking.

it seems like you have not compiled the openFrameworks library. go to \of_v0.8.4_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs\ and compile the project there (in release and debug mode)

Same error when trying that, both in debug and release.

what is the name of the project located at “\of_v0.8.4_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs” ?


ok, i’m not sure how that’s giving the same error. it does not require the library “openframeworksLib_debug.lib”, since it is the library.

Make a new project with the addon, i think that the folder that you talk about ofxOculusDK2Lib its to have the possibility to build the library to the addon for example on 64bit

I ran into this (or something similar, at least) recently myself. It turned out the Visual Studio had the OF library, rather than the project itself, set as the “StartUp Project.” Take a look in the Solution Explorer (the sidebar) and see if one of the projects other than your actual project (i.e. the OF library, an add-on, etc.) is showing in bold. If so, right-click on your project and click “Set as StartUp Project.” Your project should then be shown with bold text. Hope that helps anyone else who stumbles across this!


I’ve been having big issues as well. I finally cleared up most the errors I was getting (linker errors and such) in the example project, but now it throws errors involving ofxOculusDK2Lib.lib, which is really weird because when I compile ofxOculusDK2Lib in its own solution it builds just fine with no errors.

Works like a charm! Thx man!