Unable to call load and setFrame/Position on same frame?

I’m working with an instance of ofVideoPlayer, and trying, very simply, to load a file and set the starting position of playback during setup(). Whether I use setPosition() or setFrame(), this isn’t working. The only way I can get this to work is to do the following in my update loop:

if(ofGetFrameNum() == 1) vid.setPosition(0.5);

This is fine, but I need to be able to load multiple videos, starting from positions different than the video start. When each video clip ends, a new video clip needs to be loaded in its place, again, not starting from the first frame.

Do I need to build in a short delay? Updating the position a frame after the video has been loaded? (And therefore, also loading video n+1 before video n is over in order to ensure seamless playback.)

Or is there another way around this?

Working with of 0.9.3 (just downloaded from the oF website) on OSX 10.11.5.