'UIKit/UIKit.h' file not found

I am trying to run the ofxBLEDevice example which requires ofxIOS and ofxiPhone.

I get the error “‘UIKit/UIKit.h’ file not found” in ofxiPhoneViewController.h

Does anyone know where I can find the UIKit framework? I have tried here - http://getuikit.com/index.html


UIKit comes with Xcode - here is how to add it


UIKit isn’t in my list of libraries and frameworks. Do you know where I can download it?

Are you using Xcode? Should look like this

Mine looks like that (without the UIKit), but it says “OSX 10.11” rather than “iOS 9.2”.

Is your screenshot within an OF project?

yes - it’s an iOS OF project. It sounds like your app is set up for the desktop

Ok great thank you, I will install iOS OF