UIKit not found


I’m newbie in osx and i’m converting my old projects from windows. But i’m not so wild, i used project generator to have a well-beginning stuff…

I have this compiling error about pgmidi.h : UIKit\UIKit.h not found
After some googling and private investigatiosn , it looks like compiling pass trough in #ifdef TARGET_OF_IPHONE

What’s happening ? Why is it compiling pgMidi.h ?

Thx for reply

I’d guess you checked ios when building your project? Can you give it another shot and double-check that you’re doing an OSX project instead of an iOS one?

Thanks, but

Where can i check this in xCode ?
I generated this project with projectGenerator, so i guessed it was osX.


In Xcode, you should see a folder called “openframeworks”. If you open that, do you see a project called “openFrameworksLib” or is it “iOS+OFLib” ?

My folder looks good with openframeworkslib and all of my options look good too…

you could see it in attached files.

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/2982/Capture d’écran 2013-07-26 à 12.07.28 PM.png)

I’m not sure then.

The problem is that something in your project is trying to pull in UIKit, which isn’t available for OSX projects (it’s only for iOS).


I deleted pgMidi group in Xcode, no more troubles.