UIApplicationDelegate and ofxiPhone

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can help?
I started off on the route of a standard iPhone project (a Windows based application template) which has created an AppDelegate.
I want to be able to use my normal c++ within this, but as it’s not an openFrameworks project yet, I wondered if there was any way I could bring in those elements I want to this project (the core, the libs). The app is a multiview app with a tab bar controller- that’s why I went down the native obj-c route, but now want to access all the normal c++ stuff! I am concerned that this is lost to me unless I can somehow bring what I need into the project, and also how I can add

class testApp : public ofxiPhoneApp  

in some form so that I can use all the normal elements.

I know the better route would be to try and and stick with a base ofxiPhone app project structure, but I can’t get the UIApplicationDelegate structure and the XIB to follow some code examples I want to use. I understood how to initialise and use viewControllers like:

@interface Page1GuiView : UIViewController   

but now I want something like

@interface MyAppDelegate : NSObject  
<UIApplicationDelegate, UITabBarControllerDelegate>  

does this make sense?