UIAlertView stretching EAGLView in landscape mode.

hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem…

when in landscape mode and i launch a UIAlertView alert popup, it appears the EAGLView gets stretched / skewed, see what i mean in the image below.

when in portrait mode, its all good.

anyone else experienced this or has a solution?

just noticed the same thing. not quite sure what it is.

did you manage to find a solution?


not yet, haven’t looked into lately.
hoping someone here knows the solution.


quirky little bug, eh?

do you have any idea if it’s related to the oF implementation or if it’s an iPhone thang?

this was actually the only related response that i found on google.


well, if it’s of any help – i ended up temporarily switching the orientation to portrait when the alert window pops up and then jumping back to landscape mode as soon as the alert window is closed. that way the texture wasn’t affected, which doesn’t confuse the user about whether or not their saved image was squashed.