UI elements design & reusability

Hi there,
I’d like to design some specific UI elements (sliders etc)
What is the strategy to:

  • design & reuse them ?
  • using them in iOS apps ?


My suggestion is to use native iOS controls.

I guess it is better for reliability etc.
In my case, I’d need circular sliders and other customized stuff… I guess creating my own classes is the only way?
I mean, does it exists a part of that framework I would have missed and with that purpose?

have a look at



It seems to be very interesting.
there are a lot of classes already made.

did you test it ?

I like the idea of using more this kind of stuff, than to mix pure objective C (even if the example I quoted is VERY easy to implement & customize!)

I still don’t know which way I’ll use :stuck_out_tongue:

ok :slight_smile:
checking these bunch of examples :slight_smile:

any reasons to choose more nib files / objC or these customized stuff ?