UDP between mac and windows is weird

Hey people,
I’m having this weird issue with the ofxNetwork ofxUDPManager class and am wondering if anyone has experienced the same.

So I have a class that sends a message via ofxUDPManager::Send(const char* pBuff, const int iSize) running on mac os x 10.6.3. This is sent each time testApp::update() runs.

Running on a windows xp machine is another class that receives a message via ofxUDPManager::Receive(char* pBuff, const int iSize), which receives each time testApp::update() runs.

In both classes the UDP connection is set to nonblocking. The machines are connected over a wireless LAN that I sat up just for the test.

The issue is that if the mac acts as the sender (having set up the connection with ofxUDPManager::Connect(const char *pHost, unsigned short usPort) ) and the xp machine acts as the reveiver (having set up the connection with ofxUDPManager::Bind(unsigned short usPort) ) the receiver is not receiving.

If I switch the classes between the machines such that the mac is the receiver and the xp machine the sender everything works as supposed to.

Also everything works if both classes run locally on the mac in two separate xcode projects. I have not tested the two programs running locally on the xp machine.

Any ideas why this could be?

quickly – can both machines ping each other? do you have a firewall turned on, on the PC machine?

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Hey we just tried pinging between the two machines… it was the mac firewall causing the problem.

My bad, should have thought about pinging the two machines before posting here in the forum…

For some reason I thought the mac firewall was forgiving enough to let the packets through.