Ubuntu+OF 9.8.0 GLFW problems

Hi there!
I have correctly installed and compiled OF 0.9.8 on Ubuntu on a NUC machine.
I have compiled several examples with no problems but when I try to exectue them (make RunRelease or using the executable file in /bin) I have the following error:

[ error ] ofAppGLFWindow: 65542: X11: Failed to open X display
[ error ] ofAppGLFWindow: couldn't init GLFW
[ error ] ofAppGLFWindow: 65537: The GLFW library is not initialized

Any help will be much appreciated!



export DISPLAY=:0

Did’nt work :frowning:

OK, my mistake :frowning:
I was trying to go on command line only. The moment I installed and used desktop enviroment, everything was OK.
I guess there shoudl be a way of initializaing X11 and the running the application even from command line. If anybody has a clue, I would be pleased to know!