Two videos on two displays raspberry pi

I want two display two different videos on two monitors.
So i need two not mirrored displays.
The second part is a slider that should be used as an input to scroll to different chapters of the videos.
As software i want to use openframeworks for the slider input and the addon ofxOMXPlayer for the videos.

Now i wonder what would be the best way to go:

  1. Try to connect two display to one raspberry. Maybe with this VGA adapter ( but than there is the problem with the slider input.
  2. Use two raspberry’s and connect one display to each to show the two videos. Than i somehow need to share the slider input or the impulse to switch chapters etc.


I don’t think there is a simple way to hook two non-mirrored displays up to a Raspberry Pi. Since they are relatively cheap, a typical solution in this situation is to use multiple raspberry pis and connect them over a network. If you want to use a slider or other gui element to control them, I would recommend using OSC to send your parameters from one to the other.

ofParameter (which is behind ofxGui) has some built-in OSC sync capabilities that you might look into.

okay i will try that out, as soon as i get my rpi2 running with ofx

I’m not arguing that using 2 rpi units would not be the best option, but here’s a board that adds a second (independent) HDMI output to the rpi:
It uses the port on the pi that is meant for an LCD screen.