Two simple doubts ( fullscreen , oftexture vs ofimage)

Hi !

I’m want to print a fullscreen app in a full hd screen with of 005 on ubuntu. So in the main I’ve changed:

 ofSetupOpenGL(1920, 1080, OF_FULLSCREEN)   

but I get a big screen ( I dont want any screen with icons , bars . . , just the typical fullscreen screen . . )

Besides I have a doubt, when I should use oftexture instead of ofimage ?

Thanks :wink:

What platform are you on?

On Linux you need to use OF_GAME_MODE instead of OF_FULLSCREEN to get a full screen without window decorations.

You should be able to use ofImage for most applications. It actually optionally uses an internal ofTexture.
use ofTexture for purely pixel based texture operations where you don’t need to load an image.

OF_GAME_MODE worked perfectly !

About textures it sounds interesting, it is like … i cant save some images which I can modify without painting , and then create an image with a mixture of these textures and paint it … it sounds powerfull , i ll play a little with textures :smiley:

Thanks !!