Two outputs with ofSoundStream

Hi everyone.

I’ve this this new project that needs two sound outputs, one for regular output and another for monitoring, each one with it’s own buffer streaming different data. I’m thinking on using ofSoundStream but it looks like this isn’t possible because it’s tied to ofBaseApp. By first approach would be to create two ofSoundStreams.

I could try two workarounds:

  • detach or duplicate all code related to ofSoundStream on ofBaseApp (buffers, methods)
  • divide the buffer in two parts and have one part for output and another for monitoring (probably a crazy idea and not very doable)

By first I need to check if rtAudio allows this in the first place.

So, my questions are:

  • is this already possible? if not:
  • has anyone ever needed something like this?
  • has anyone ever done/attempt do do something like this?
  • if this proves to be possible with rtaudio, do you think this is interesting for oF?

I’m working on osx.

Thanks for any replay!