Two ofxiPhoneApp instances in the same time

Hi all,

I would like to create an “VJ-like” iPad app with 2 OpenFrameworks views : one for the user interface and anther containing the video output. I’d like my video output to display either on an external display or on the iPad screen (if there’s no external screen plugged in). So i think i should create 2 ofxiPhoneApp classes (UI and video out). But when i try to make run two OF applications in the same time the app crashes at launch time in, line 124 :

if(interfaceOrientation != UIDeviceOrientationUnknown)  

I’m using OF 0073 (had the same problem with 0072). Is there something i’m missing ? Is it possible to run two ofxiPhoneApp classes within one app ? How should i do to have two different views ? Or can i display only one texture on an external display ?

Thanks a lot.

Did you ever figure this out? I’d like to also have OF on the small screen and when ‘external display’ is selected, they can have a separate OF (opengl view) on the external display.


No, i made the interface in Cocoa :wink: