Two Bit Circus seeks senior software engineer in Los Angeles

At Two Bit Circus, we invent and deploy out-of-home physical amusement and high-tech experiences. Our products combine a myriad of domains, including industrial and graphic design, mechanical and electrical engineering, creative problem solving, and software.

We’re looking for people who play well with others, enjoy working hard, desire to be a part of something BIG, aren’t afraid to learn new skills, and like to be downtown in a machine shop full of wizards and engineers.

We’re looking for a carny to join our engineering staff. You’ll be engaged with all aspects of the technical production of our products, but we’re specifically looking for a full-time senior level software programmer with experience in long-running installations and events who can captain projects all the way from concept to install.

Here are some of the circus acts we’re looking for:

  • Graphics programming in C++ or an equivalent low-level language. More than 50% of our work is in openFrameworks, so experience with that is preferred. But if you’ve been doing Cinder in Go or something crazy like that I’m sure you’ll have no problem with our stack.
  • Unity3d is our second-most used development environment, but just barely. Not a Unity graphics pipeline wizard? That’s okay.
  • Getting weird systems to talk to other weird systems in a reliable way. Does “an HTTP connection to a node.js server which flings OSC packets at a Unity3d interactive connected to a joystick custom-built using a Teensy” not scare you in the slightest? Good.
  • Physical computing with small devices, odd sensors, and computer vision. Our projects often incorporate Raspberry Pis and Teensy Arduinos, connected to sensors that were not built with the entertainment industry in mind.
  • Deep understanding of the Unix command-line. Our systems are automated with scripts in written in Python, node.js, and bash. We use ansible for configuration management. If you feel most at home when you’re using your Terminal application, you’ll feel right at home here.
  • Communication and planning skills.
  • A flexible approach to problem solving.
  • Ability to stay calm and focused during high-pressure installations and events.
    These attributes are strongly correlated with success at Two Bit Circus:
  • Game design chops and strong opinions on what’s fun.
  • Experience in a workshop making physical objects.
  • A theater or stage performance background.
  • Hobbies that your all your friends find weird.
  • Actual circus skills, esp. unicycle riding.

Email your resume to with the position title in the subject line and we’ll get back to you!

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