Two apps at the same machine,tuio&osc lag issue?

ok,this is super weird stuff,i’ve got two OF apps running independent on same machine(windows 7),one app is sending tuio message to another one. so its much like running ccv stuff and multitouch app. but if i minimize the tuio app window,when trying to moving&dragging image from multitouch app not really smooth,seems there’s always lag between. i have to switch it to the tuio app window, click that window once then back to the front display app,this time became really smooth,the better option is that i have to make tuio app’s window on most of the tops window,and set it to fully transparent window. in this scenario,it’s really smooth when doing the multitouch,otherwise moving image gets stuck,or sort of lag.

so i’m wondering what might be causing such issue? btw,the tuio app using ofxcv&tuio,is this b’coz the opencv issue or something related with windows event loop,osc?

just guessing.
the app that sends tuio data is doing anything in the draw() function?
If it is move all to the update() function.
the update function gets called depending on the elapsed time and framerate (remember to set it) yet the draw() method relies on a callback from opengl, so as the window is minimizes of not topmost, this callback might get called less often so to optimize resources.


it could even be that it’s actually called to often, when you minimize the window it looses the vsync and the buffers are saturated beginning to loose packages.

as roy says, set the framerate of the application so there’s a constant rate of messages, send only messages when theres a new frame from the camera and even use ofAppNoWindow so there’s no dependency on the graphics card if you don’t need it

super,nothing in draw(),only in update(),but the setFramerate did the trick,much better now.
thanks for the help!