Twitter connectivity, Fluid simulation and lots of others...

Hi All,

I’ve just opened up a series of projects on our Github and website:


The Hello Cube: Twitter/audio activated installation, in collaboration with Todd Vanderlin and Diederick Huijbers.
The Dewar’s Hub: Twitter visualisation that uses Kinect to allow users to control the topics selected, in collaboration with James George, Marek Bereza and Diederick Huijbers.
Sync: Dance visualisation that allows for recording and playback of Kinect 3D information.
Triptych: Installation for Intel with three different interactions using the Kinect Windows SDK, in collaboration with Diederick Huijbers, Marek Bereza and Will Gallia.



Great projects, thanks for sharing the code!

You are welcome! Please Tweet/Email/Comment if you end up using it.

I actually just made a small app with the Kinect blob triangulation code I found inside the Intel project code :slight_smile: Here is a link: